How To Protect Nature from People who Misunderstood?


How to Protect Nature from People who Misunderstood?

Nature has various and unexpected things that could happen in the world, like global warming, volcano eruption or earthquakes. In some part of the world the environment has perished and people do not care about nature. Somehow, nature has a big problem when people do not appreciate them like an important subject.

Some people think nature is just like something normal – nothing special, but I think nature is something important. I would say nature is like a human being. Some people think that nature doesn’t help them. But nature does help them. Like in making chopsticks : the Chinese couldn’t even eat without them but the Chinese may not understand that chopsticks consumes nature.

Some people also do bad stuff to nature. For example, throwing wrappers and can to ponds or river. These things do not belong to nature. Nature need to live in a quiet space, peaceful and clean.

What about making a bird house for a school or at home. Some people do not appreciate the birds. Actually they have choice of either making simple bird house from wood or making paper from wood. Some people do not know what is going on in the world without Mother Nature’s help. The trees, for example, they are Mother Nature’s work, not people’s creation. They do not appear by magic.

Oh it is so important. Why do some people need to kick stuff into Mother Nature places? I do not know the reason those people behaving like that, but I want to make nature facilities that could protect nature from people that doesn’t understand. I also would like gather some people that may understand nature needs. If nature is damaged, you can not live because you cannot have food, snack, newspapers, chopsticks etc.

Monday, 30 October 2006, 01:18 AM

Nature was a wonderful place that people could live in. Nature is a wonderful thing that could help people. Actually nature can help people. Some people think nature could not help them but in fact nature already helps them like providing good quality fruits and supplies.

In cases like shipwreck and you are being stranded in a small island, when you are hungry, there is some supplies provided by nature like wood to make fire to keep you warm and to cook your food – which are also provided by nature like fish and fresh quality fruits. So, no one can survive without nature itself. Nature is something that people could use to protect them, to help them, or help their friends, and many others things in life. In gathering with family nature can help them by providing good quality foods. Nature may help them to have good times in many years.

Nature has a wonderful thing that is called the nature feeling. The feeling of nature has the ability to raise the energy at people’s soul. Some people have noticed that nobody could help nature. I was supposed to search that some people that may understand about nature. Since now we know that some people have started to understand nature; that is why it is important thing that we help those people who do not understand, to show them how we can protect nature.

It is also like this : when people help nature and nature help people, they help each other like I help my friends, for example doing stuff for them like sharing, giving love and tender care, calming them down. Everything I do for my friends are something special. Nature also does something special to make people happy and that is why nature is taking care of people and the energy and power in their soul. Nature makes the gracefulness of life, that nature can make people joyful and feel the greatest of life. Nature people – who live naturally in the forest – could not do anything without nature.

This is the true thing about nature. People need nature to survive. For example, I need nature to make my pie. My pie needs berries. Nature has berries, and bees help make berries. What is the most important thing about berries? The most important thing about berries, they cannot live if nature is damaged. We cannot live without nature. Nature belongs to our body, too ; for example we cannot have clean water for drinking if people keep throwing mess to water. What can I do?

I am really thinking maybe if people do not care about nature at all, we really cannot live. There would be no food if nature were not even growing in our planet and if there were no nature – where would the food be coming from? There would be no oranges, no berries, no pies or anything that are made by nature, not by ourselves. So nature is really something that can help us. We cannot live without nature and the other way around, because people need nature to survive and nature need people to survive. They need to live like brother and sister. We cannot live without nature.

Nature is like something that has a family inside it – like family or insects, trees, or any other creatures from Nature itself. Nature is something that you could share. What exactly nature is about? Nature is something that you could share from your heart to everything around you. Nature is something important, nature has things that you can love – for example you can have pets like cats or dogs or fish or birds, and nature is something you can share with each other. Nature is something that you can use, supporting people who love each other. Nature is a thing that could make people happy, kind dan joyful; Nature is something like your sense of humor, your feeling, your energy. Nature is something that could help you, like providing food and any other things. That is why nature can help the entire human race.

Recorded 1 November 2006, 00:30 AM

Nature is a wonderful place where people get around. When people get around, people can grow almost like nature. Nature needs water to grow, and fresh soil, too. That is the same like human. Human needs food to grow – food and supplies. So, both human and nature have something in common. Do you realize how nature and human are in common? This is the real truth about people and nature.

On the other hand, this is the difference. Nature doesn’t have arms and they cannot speak like human. For example birds – they’re also nature – they can chirp but they cannot speak our language. The difference between human and nature makes human cannot communicate with nature. Nature is so much different from human, nature is just like something that they can feel in their heart and soul.

We can enjoy good times with nature and the environment, together with our family. Some people may not realize how nature is so important to them, they need nature for special times in life, some people need special trees and plants for decorating during cultural celebrations and similar things. Nature is also a wonderful place to celebrate life – like camping or doing other outdoor activities. So, nature is something that could work for our celebration together with family and also something that we could celebrate together with our family.

Nature helps people by providing supplies, for example chopsticks are coming from trees or silk threads are produced from silkworms. Nature is also protecting human in some ways, for example during a volcano eruption, people may get shielded from the flowing boiling lava, by the rows of other mountains that are not erupting. The mountains are part of nature, too. The mountains in a row are like barrier. They help protecting us from dangerous stuff.

However, sometimes, some families do not notice that nature, people or family, works together and help each other. The families, or the people, do not realize it. Such people do not understand that nature is helping them.

Recorded 1 November 2006, 00:40 AM

How does nature help people? Take this example : people makes dresses. What help them make dresses? Silkworm is one example. The silkworm help people to make good clothes. Nature could also give colors to the silk threads, like from fruits and berries.

So nature is helping people like this : providing food and clothing ; like the trees provide good quality fruits while silkworms provide silk threads that people can weave and later on sew them to make clothes.

What is the most important thing about the help from nature? How does it help? Nature helps people with its ability like providing water that could make the trees grow. The leaves are for the silkworms to eat so that the silkworms can produce threads. That’s how nature helps people : not with its hands or something like that, but using its abilities and teamwork. Teamwork of nature itself has abilities like making water flowing to the Nile, or to make trees growing in the forest that people can eat acorn.

There are some people living in the forest but there are also some people living outside. So nature helps both of them, like by providing fresh water. But that’s not all – by providing fresh water, nature is helping people by growing flowers, plants and other good things from nature; things that help us to be healthy and joyful, so that we can care about each others. That is why nature has been used by people back in ages. For example : nature gives flowers, like roses. The roses come from nature and they do help in wedding or other special occasions.

Nature is something important that you might combine your energy to live. Nature is something that you can show in your heart. Nature is something that belongs to your heart and soul. Nature is something that you keep in your heart and soul, that belongs together, that combines your ability to use the wild nature. An example of your ability is to pick up wood while nature provides the wood. Nature is something that you can use with your heart and soul. You can use it with your abilities for the goodness of human kind and for all the people of the world.

(Annisa Rania Putri, Hope is On The Way- The Message of Nature)



18 comments on “How To Protect Nature from People who Misunderstood?

  1. ehmm. ehmm. mbul, dirimu geologist kan? gimana pendapatmu ttg kerjaan geologist sebagai ujung tombak ekploitasi SDA & turut ambil bag (kecil ato gede) dlm perusakan alam? hehe. tp klo dpikir2 ga cuma geologist, hampir semua org bahkan yg tinggal di kota (jauh dr alam) ikutan andil dlm merusak alam. ya kan?

    anyway, nice blog. sertain juga tulisan annisa yang laen dunk. kan banyak tuh. go blogger 🙂

  2. Well, i think that’s actually euh.. you know you’re right, about nature and people what they must do for protect nature. that’s good anyway . (:

  3. Do not spoil nature. Plastics are very bad for nature because they lie in the soil for thousands of years without degrading. Natural materials degrade easily. Whales die because of man throwing plastic into sea.

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