Time Is So Fast


Time is So Fast

Recorded on Friday, 4 May 2007, 23:10 PM

In the song “Once in Every Lifetime” (from the movie Eragon) there is a lyric that says “ feel the turning time” and I agree, time is really fast. What I think is, since time is very fast, you cannot just do things in a wrong way – because there is no second chance. But, in a dream, you have a lot of chances ; you cannot feel the time since there is no time in dream.

This is what I mean by time is very fast: I start in the morning then all of sudden it is already nightfall and soon it will be morning again. Time is very fast and sometimes things will happen unexpectedly. It is very easy to spend time for nothing.

There is something that you cannot waste: your time in life. There is something in life; and that is called love. That is the only thing that can remain in life, and even after you passed away. If we think of it, life can be very short, because death can come very fast and very easily.

As times is very fast then somethings in life may also move very fast – but not all things. What I mean by fast here is like this: it turns morning – then without you realize it, it is already night again. It’s just like we have just start the beginning of the day in the morning, then all of the sudden the days starts all over again – the next day has come.

We cannot turn the time back. We can change the time meter (i.e. the clock) – we can set it to what we want; be it 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock or whatever we like, but as a matter of fact when the day has turned into night we cannot turn it back.

When night begins, it really strange how you feel. You feel like you have a free time, where there is nobody else awake. You have a free time, as if you can spend your time for the rest of your life with nobody interfering.

Time is fragile. Just like an open hourglass: you drop it, you lost it. That is time. If you don’t throw time but use a ‘time stopper’ (means you have to use your time wisely and make right choices) the hourglass does not even fall nor break – this means you never lost the time for unnecessary choices. That’s why time is fragile. Time does not mean like you can just reset and what you have done before are all gone.

The truth is, time can be used in anything, time can be used in different sort of things. Time can be used for love, or spending romantic time. That’s why in some movies they always say “use time wisely”. Because time is fragile. If you waste time too much; life seems to be very fast, night became faster, the day became faster, too.

Morning and night are actually the same except the night is gloomy and morning is joyful. Sometimes when I sleep I am always afraid to close my eyes because I want to keep watching the situation, I want to keep myself calm. In the morning, this is why I sleep: I feel so relax, and the sun is shining, it is not gloomy, I feel not afraid anymore. Somehow not all people are afraid during the night.

Some people think it’s the fright became your biggest fears. Sometimes you do too much of a fear. It can be just like your own fear. That’s why it is always wise to always think of each other’s feelings.

Ok let’s get back to The Time. What the world thinks about “Time is very fast”? we are going to show it to the entire world. Maybe the world can tell us more since time is fragile; that’s what the way it says. The world is right: time is fragile, but love is also fragile. See, usually when love is used, you cannot use some more time – because we forget that time exist.

Love only can be used in special moments. In your life love is the most important thing. When some people think that love is not fragile, they use that love unwisely. So when they try that shot on anybody they love but not in the right time or the right way to attempt it, they will break up eventually.

In fact I do not think that love is very easy to maintain. Love is very hard to maintain. In our bodies and our lives, there is a love meter; so there is a meter if your love is true. But not everybody can see it. I still can see it, because I can see through people’s heart and soul. That’s why I can help people. The love meter is just something you can use to get your energy. Love is not temperamental. Love is joy, peace, and calm – somehow I think that is the only thing love has. If love has another thing to talk about it’s another clue to us and the world. Love is something very special; you can use it in life by terms of love. Once up, you go back to where you start, and start your love again for others.

Recorded on Saturday, 30 June 2007, 03:15 AM

Part 1

Most of the things are moving fast in our real life, but in our own life – i.e. the “life” in our own mind – we think that we can control that “life”. But in your real life, God himself control your life. Especially in life you cannot predict when things are coming or when it will happen, can you? Most of the time when things in life happen they just pop out in front of your own eyes. It is not like you will know or you can see the things before they happen. The biggest problem is, what you see in the news as a prediction, may not give you sufficient time to prepare and to get ready for the danger. That is the dangerous part, for example you may see in the TV that there will be an earthquake, but by the time you see it, the earthquake may happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Sometimes I ask myself if a thing I carry in my mind falls from the top of me into my mind. Things can happen unexpectedly. Sometimes I ask myself why that thing happens? Is that like a part of life that we need to know or is it just like a mystery that we have to solve, like the thing falls by itself – and why can we don’t know about it. I always ask if things are going to happen. Maybe we can notice it with our own two eyes like before happen but that is not the case.

If this in our own “life” – not our real life – we can control it. So we are the “god” of our own “life” but the real life is the one that were standing on, so God, the real God Himself is the one who controls it.

Most of the time I was thinking if we could slow down time why did we need God. If we could answers the questions all by ourselves. Some of those toughts are also comparing that “life” to what we have in real life. So most of the time, life is very fast. In our “life” we are the “god” itself. But in our real life, that we are standing on, God himself controls it. Because God is the only One who has the real power. And the same for us in our “life”. We have the power to control our own “life” in our own mind.

Sometimes, not in our mind, but in our real life that we are standing on, our heart is controlling. So if we can talk directly to God, maybe we can ask God what to do. But the problem is we can’t ask God what to do like we talk face to face. The truth is, if we pray, God will listen to our concerns. God is able to make flood or earthquake before we know about it. Most of the times we think the disaster may happen because it has happened several times before and we are so afraid it will happen again. Some people really have experiences to get prepared for what is coming in the future – like getting more supplies, preparing the shelter, and the like. Those people are true worshippers of God.

Most of the time those disasters can happen but why some people does not want to be true worshipper of the God? Because they think it is so hard to be a true worshippers, but the truth is, you just need to have your trust and love in God.

So I am thinking what could possibly happen to life if there were no God. If this is only our “life” in our mind, there will be no problem, because it is just your imagination, it is just what we have in my mind. But if this is in our real life we can never control it even until the end of our lives. That end of life will come sooner or later. Whenever you sleep, when you wake up it is already morning, and it’s the same even if you stay awake the whole night, you will still experience the morning later on. It is very fast and sometimes you cannot experience it if you don’t pay attention to it.

Sometimes I didn’t pay attention to this life when I was small. But now I really realize it. Something can actually happen before I want to do an action. For example, when I want to step into a creek, it may crack before my very eyes. Sometimes God gives us advice that enables us to recognize the correct path to go.

In our “life” in our mind how are we able to know there is going to be a disaster, like a flood? We may be able to know it, but it may look like a dream, an unexpected dream. We cannot know this if we don’t think about it and all of the sudden the flood just happens. When I have those dreams, sometimes I think and ask myself: is that my life in my mind? Or is it my dream? Sometimes I ask about it and sometimes I go straight ahead to avoid the flooded area in my real life. I do not expect that the strange things that I have in my dreams become a reality.

If I want to find the place I see in my dream or if I am thinking of making my dreams become a reality, it will be very easy to understand my dreams and my life in my mind is actually easier to understand.

In the real life, the Earth and Mother Nature have their own dreams and nightmares. Those nightmares are causing disasters around the world, like flood, earthquake and global warming. The worst is when the unexpected events in life happens when you want to do or see something nice – for example when you want to see a scenic landscape, then suddenly an earthquake strikes or gigantic wave hits the beach.

In this world, different events may occur at the same time in different places – for example there is a hurricane in the US, flood in Europe, earthquake in China, etc.

If this is our own life in our mind it will be easy to control the events. But if this is our real life, it is hard to control and to avoid the events because God himself will make the event happen.

As we have no control on this real life, even through one million times we try to control this life and avoid the coming disaster, it will not help at all. This is because we do not have the power to control.

That’s why I was thinking, if our life is so important maybe we shall be able to control it; but too bad, the facts is, we cannot. God already have the power to control and change history. History is very surprising – you can read in history about Kings, Queens and Emperors of the Great Kingdoms that seems to be able to control the world, or at least part of the world. They are like the ruler of the world. They are not able to get God’s physical presence but they can pray and ask for God’s guidance in ruling the world.

In dreams we can control time, but in the real life we cannot. That’s why sometimes I hate how things happen in real life. We cannot see what will happen, and suddenly it pops up in front of our own eyes when it happens. Sometimes I say “oh no! we already know that we could choose another path if we were given a second chance” – but that is not true, because it has happened and it cannot be changed anymore, because there is no time machine, we cannot repeat the event to happen the way we expect it to be. I have seen the hard events occurred in life that’s why I hate having those things.

Sometimes I have heard about things in the news but I am not able to predict them. I may think that I should be able to predict them when the things already happened. So most of the times I never want to try to predict them, because I cannot. Sometimes when I was thinking about what can really happen, the event already happened before my eyes. Those are the events that occurs around me, in front of me, behind me, beneath me and above me.

Sometimes disaster may happen and sometimes people may predict that some disasters may happen. But if I have a choice, I really don’t like bad events to happen. I really don’t want to see the bad events, like earthquakes, flood, volcano eruption and global warming – I really do not want to see those. I always think it would be great if this earth wouldn’t be just a fine place and a nice population.

Part 2

Why life just have to happen like this? If life were not created, these things would never happen. In life there are some inventors: inventing machines, inventing theories. Those scientists think they can invent a machine to stop those disasters, if possible. In our minds, it is possible. We can invent very easily; but in real life, it may not be that easy.

What I really want to do most, is becoming something mindful, so I can see those events right before they happen. If we really want to see those events before they happen, we need full power to see them. That’s why it is important to keep our hearts open into our life. And it is rather we care about the real life that we are standing on instead of the “life” in our mind.

(Annisa Rania Putri, Hope is On The Way- The Message of Nature)



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