The Creepy Thing


Yup, Fred is right ‘bout that. Being in love isn’t a wonderful thing. It’s the beginning of long sleepless nights full of heartaches, worries and pain. The weak knees, the groveling and begging, the hurt we feel when it’s gone. Why does love taunt me? Why do I need it?

Go away creepy thing, go. Pick on somebody else. Please.



2 comments on “The Creepy Thing

  1. wah langsung ganti tampilan nich, lembur ya dab he hee…

    Pria, sendirian dalam kepriannya, tidaklah lengkap. Wanita, sendirian dalam kewanitaannya, tidaklah lengkap. sungguh besar pergumulannya, sementara masing-masing berupaya menemukan yang lain sehingga ada keduanya (buku diskon he hee_)

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