We Believe

We Believe - Religions of the World

WE BELIEVE – A Contemplation about diversity of Religions in the world.

Most people in every age and in every place have believed in a power or powers greater than themselves. This belief in a greater power is called religion.

There are many different religions. Each has its own special beliefs and ways to worship. Even people of the same religion may practice their faith in many different ways.

Some religions believe in one God. Some believe in many gods. Some believe that there are spirits in animals, trees and rocks. And some religions are a way of living rather than a way of believing.

In many parts of the world, people have built great temples and churches where they can worship. Other people have built large parks where they can go to worship nature gods. Other have no places of worship.

In this section you will meet children of nine religious faiths. You will learn some of the things they are taught to believe, and some of the ways they worship. Some of their beliefs may seem strange. But your beliefs may seem just strange to them.

Coming soon. Keep in touch for further reading about children of nine religious faiths 😀



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