It is early in the city of Oran, in Algeria. The sun is not up yet, and most people are asleep. But from tall towers, called minarets, come the voices of men known as “callers”. They shout out a kind of song: “God is great! I say there is no god but the One God. I say Muhammad is the messenger of God. Come to prayer. Prayer is better than sleep”.

Soon, Hammet and his father are hurrying to pray at their place of worship, a building called a mosque. Hammet’s mother stays at home to pray.

Hammet and his father carry little rugs called prayer mats. After washing themselves at a fountain, they put their mats down on the mosque floor. They pray by kneeling on their mats and bending over to touch their foreheads to the floor. They pray this way fives times a day, no matter where they are – at home, in the street, even out in the desert. When they pray, they always face toward the holy city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

Hammet believes that there is one great God who made all things. He believes that about 1300 years ago, God showed a man named Muhammad the way He wanted people to live and worship. Muhammad said that God wanted people to be good, to help others, and to honor and obey God. God’s words were written in a book called the Koran (Qur’an). 

Hammet is a Muslim. He belongs to the religion of Islam. Islam means “submission” or “to obey God.” Hammet knows that if he does the things God wants, he will go to heaven when he dies.




  1. Jumlah agama yang banyak sebenarnya tidak masalah, asalkan agama-agama tersebut tidak mengklaim dirinya lebih baik, paling baik dan sempurna jika dibandingkan dengan agama lainnya.

    Jika salah satu saja agama mengklaim dirinya paling baik dan sempurna, bahwa agama lain itu kurang sempurna dan semacamnya, maka selamat datang peperangan atas nama agama (yang saat ini sedang berlangsung).

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