Nikos-Greek Orthodox Christian


Bong-bong! The happy sound of the bell, ringing from the church that overlooks the little Greek town of Pigadi, is telling Nikos to hurry. He runs the last few steps to the church and goes to stand together on the other side of the aisle.

He is just in time. The priest, Father Sioris, walks toward the altar. His helper swings the incense holder so that its little bells tinkle. The incense fills the church with a sweet, spicy smell. Father Sioris goes through one of the doorways in the partition that separates the altar from the rest of the church. The partition is covered with icons-pictures of Jesus Christ and of other holy people. Nikos has found that no matter where he stands, the eyes in pictures always seem to be looking at him.

The service is long and musical. All the prayers, lessons and psalms are chanted or sung. When it ends, Nikos hurries to the front of the church to get a piece of bread that Father Sioris has blessed.

Nikos is a Greek Orthodox Christian. He believes that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was sent from heaven to save all people and to teach them how God the Father loves them and wants them to live.The Greek Orthodox Church is one of the Eastern Churches. Eastern Orthodoxy is the largest and most important Christian faith in Greece, Rusia and other parts of eastern Europe and western Asia. It is also one of the largest faiths in the United States.


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