Sue-Baptist Christian


Late again! Sue dashed up the steps of the small, white church in Atlanta, Georgia and tugs open the door. Slipping inside, she hurries to her Sunday school class.

The Sunday school room is just a plain room with some tables and chairs in it. The children in the class sit at two long tables. As Sue enters, Mr. Martin, the Sunday school teacher, is reading from the Bible. The Bible is a very important part of Sue’s religion. She believes it tells her how God wants her to live and behave. Sue believes that God made the world and everything in it. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to teach all people to be good and to save them from sin. When Sue is older she will be baptized. She believe that before person can be baptized he/she  must be old enough to understand what baptism means. When she is baptized, her whole body will be dipped under water.

After Sunday school, the children go to the part of the church where services are held. They join the grown-ups in a big, plain room filled with benches. The service begins with everyone singing hymns. The minister reads from the Bible and gives a sermon.

Sue is a Baptist. Baptist are Christians and believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Baptist are also Protestant. Protestant is the name given to all Christian groups outside the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. There are hundreds of Protestant groups, but the Baptist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian are among the largest.


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