Brrr! Manohar shivers as his mother pours water over him. He is standing outside his house in the village of Amtala, India and the morning air is cold on his bare skin. But he must bathe first thing each morning, right after he wakes up. This is a law of his religion.

When Manohar has bathed, he goes into the kitchen. Above the stove is a shelf on which stands a picture of the god Siva. Each morning Manohar puts a few grains of rice or a flower before the picture as an offering. He presses the palms of his hands together and bow his head. His mother lights a stick of sweet-smelling incense for the god. Then, with yellowish paste, Manohar puts a round mark on his forehead that shows he is a follower of Siva.

 Manohar knows that while Siva is one of the greatest gods, there are many others. Ganesha, the god of luck, has a man’s body and an elephant’s head. The god Hanuman is a monkey. But Manohar knows that all the gods are just different shapes of Brahman, the one great power that rules all things.

Manohar believes that when he dies he will be born again, to start a new life in a new body. If he is good and kind to everyone while he is alive, he may be a rich man or a priest in his next life. But if he is bad, he maybe a dog, a snake or even an insect. If he act very good, he won’t has to be born again at all or known as reincarnation and gain moksa (perfect peace).

Manohar is a Hindu. Hinduism is one of the oldest of all religions, and the largest religion in India.



  1. Manohara itu kan dari bahasa sansekerta ya (?). Manohar juga bahasa sansekerta. Sansekerta bahasanya Weda. Arti Manohara dan Manohar sama atau beda nggak tahu juga (alias mungkin? ). Lha wong Ibunya katanya nyomot nama itu dari transkrip di dinding Borobudur. Kirain dulu dia ada latar belakang Hindu, ternyata nggak.

    Eh… Ini ngomongin Manohara yang mana sih? he..he..he

    • @ Eka & Aji : Yup. Manohar itu lafal india. Sama artinya sama Manohara. Manohara kan lafal Indonesia. Wah klo ibu Desy nyomot dari dinding Borobudur, brarti dia etnografer & ahli symbology kaya Robert Langdon (DA VINCI CODE) yang handal donk :p Bisa baca prasasti. Jangan2 dia bisa baca hieroglif juga nih? wuehehehe.

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