Rudi-Roman Catholic


Ding! Dong! Come to church. It’s Sunday morning in the town of Landeck, Austria. The big bell in the steeple of Rudi’s church is ringing to remind people to come and worship God.

The inside of Rudi’s church is very beautiful. There are colored pictures painted on some of the walls. There are statues of Jesus Christ, of Christ’s mother, Mary, and many of saints. Candles glow and flicker everywhere. The sun shining through the stained-glass windows makes them look like bright paintings.

The priest leads the people in prayers and songs. He reads a lesson from the Bible and gives a sermon. He blesses the cup of wine and thin, round pieces of bread called Hosts. Then Rudi and others go up to the altar and kneel. The priest puts a Host into each one’s mouth. Now they have shared a sacred meal as God’s family.

Rudi’s believes that about 2000 years ago, God sent His son to earth as a man called Jesus Christ. Christ taught people to live good, kind lives. His enemies killed Him by nailing Him to a cross. But Rudi believes that Christ came back to life and went up to heaven. Rudi believes that if he follows Christ’s teachings, he will go to heaven, too. All people who follow Christ’s teachings are called Christians.

Rudi is a Roman Catholic. The largest of all Christian groups, the Roman Catholic Church has followers in every part of the world.


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