Something you don’t know won’t hurt you


Photo Courtesy: Stephen Poff on Flickr

“ITU BUKAN URUSAN KM. Sorry to say this Gem. Setiap org berhak mnentukan perjalananny sendiri atau mnentukan takdirny sendiri. Pada saat km menginginkn sesuatu, seluruh jagat raya akan bersatu padu utk membantumu meraihnya. Satu hal yg pntg’jgn berpikir ttg kegagalan”. ketidakyakinan itu bs mruntuhkn sgalany. Jd mulai skg cobalah bnr2 btekad MOVING ON and straight forward, never changing ur direction.”

And my replies are: “Kata orang, sifat welas asihku kurang Nda. Aq pendendam.  By giving others gifts, I am giving gifts to myself. That’s why i gave that great novel as your birthday gift.”

Great. I’ve read Paulo Coelho first, how come I forgot these sentences?  Thank you, Nda. You are my trustworthy advisor. As expected from Tunas Muda.

Lesson of the day: “Something you don’t know won’t hurt you. Knowledge is power, but sometimes, not-knowing is the best choice”


9 comments on “Something you don’t know won’t hurt you

  1. Something you don’t know won’t hurt you. Sometimes, not-knowing is the best choice

    Abstraction, anybody 😀

    But, to be honest, it’s difficult for me to follow this rule. The feeling “In order not to be hurt, you have to know everything” is already attached to me so tightly. Unfortunately, this keeps killing me :). Surely, contradict what my feeling says to me. Dasar manusia 😀

    • this method work on cases that including this special parameter: heart, my brotha. 😀 we can’t just install new heart, like we did with kernel if there’s a critical error occured on it. ha3.

      huehehe. iseng aja ni nulisnya my brotha. 😀

  2. ohoooo… kaget bacanya… di copy-paste. jadi maluuu.. hahahhaa… nah gem, everthing is ur choice… keep fighting to get everything u want. just believe that if u lose something, u will gain something bigger than u have lost.

    u start moving, stop moving or change in direction are YOUR CHOICES… did she hurt you? depends on ur reference point gem. Maybe she hurt u, but maybe in other side, u hv chosen urself to be hurt by her as i told u. u’re better off without her. sorry again, i know it’s so hurting u.. but i need to, my besta friend….once again, everyone love u so much.. u aren’t alone…….

    • no, she didn’t hurt me. instead, I often hurt her feeling. Shame on me. Making a nice girl crying isn’t a good record to boast with 😦 btw thanks (again) ndah. May she happy with her choice ( I know she will :))

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